What is sukoon for you?

What Is Sukoon For You?
Is It having to play with a kid for uncountable hours and have a hearty laugh?
Or Is It to have a vacay far far away?
Is it laying down underneath the starry sky holding hands with the one you love?
Or Is It to sneak Ice-cream out of the fridge late at night?
Is It having to distance yourself from all the social media networks?
Or Is it having to find the toy you thought you lost back when you were a kid?
Is It realizing that you found a wholesome person who takes care of you even in the lowest low’s?
Or Is it Having a Pani– Puri Eating challenge with your bff’s?
                            a place in California where some people go to find peace or sukoon
Is it  seeing happiness on Maa’s  face when you hand over your first salary to her?
Or Is it watching Dad going gaga over how you passed in the board examination?
Is It having  Chai  with college friends and win over the tower of kulhad?
Or Is it Scoring More Than Sharma ji Ka ladka in Studies?
Is It Having to take that one chance?
Or Is It Having to dance in the rain?
Is it Baking Chocolate Cakes?
Or Is It Going out on fancy dinner dates?
Is it Having to look back and be content with the memories of a person?
Or Is It to Fight Till the end and Claim what has been yours?
Is it Scrolling through your Instagram Feed?
Or Is it Going on a walk along the beach?
Whatever That Is.
Your Sukoon. Your Peace.
Don’t Let anybody else Stop you from having it.
Stay Young and Be Carefree.

Comment down below and tell us what brings you sukoon.


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12 thoughts on “What is sukoon for you?

  1. My sukoon is
    When i was strucked in jaipur during covid 19 epidemic… After two months i reached my home i saw my mom and she gave me tight hug❣❣❣

  2. For me Sukoon is- holding your favourite book in your hand before dawn, and reading the excerpts that will take you back in a journey that you wanted to have or you had it already or a journey that you are currently experiencing. A pure bliss.

  3. For me, sukoon is when someone feels the same connection with you, as you feel with them.

    Btw…you guyzz are doing great👍

  4. Sukoon in my opinion is when I give my salary to my Daddy & after wards giving salary to my wife.
    Sukoon is when I completed any task either professional or personal. Sukoon is when I give money to my daughter.

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