Unspoken love – An affair of the heart

Unspoken love

Unspoken love


Always Been Tough. Never bothered the crying eyes or the sullen look. Mother Taught To Be More Soft Spoken but they were right when they said , “He acts like his Father.”
A Bold, Fearless And Ramboesque Man Who sacrificed for his country. But who knew, the guy that never liked being around girls would fall head over heels for someone whom he bullied everyday at school.
She With Her Books Close to her chest, walked through the corridors without lifting her face up for once. Had a Handful of 2 Friends and always wore full rimmed glasses.

               “Sometimes, You Fall In Love with the most Unexpected person at the most Unexpected time. is what actually Happened to Them.

In a room full of people having a wonderful time, he entered with his mother, greeted the knowns and sat alone at the corner table.While He was observing the people around, he noticed a girl wearing a form-fitting gold Sequin dress that Accentuated her curves perfectly. Her brunette wavy hair cascading down her back.
Their eyes met and fireworks happened. They Recognised each other. Something Magical was about to happen.
Everyday at school, their eyes met but most eminently their hearts connected.
One Fine day, As she was about to get up from the chair, her hair got stuck to something behind. She heard every single one in the room laughing but nobody cared to help her.
He was the one who gave her a hand to let go of her hair. She cried while running out of the school premises, he ran behind her, rain poured down heavily.
He tried calling her name to stop her and finally She did. As he walked towards her, a car came crashing down and hit her. He ran towards her, tears dropping down his face.
He kept her head in his lap and begged for help but could see nobody.
              All he was left was with the words Unspoken and her hand that perfectly fit his.
Unspoken words and love that stays in heart but never resides .
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