The Relentless love

The relentless love

A scene of The Notebook for me this picture depicts relentless love

So,We Met When We Were Only 16.
But had planned everything about what’s going to happen next.
You Took Me for Cinema,took me for roller coaster rides that I was always afraid of.
But,with you holding my hand Everything Seems so perfect,so easy.
“I Would never let go of your hand”
is what I Said to you in the Middle of the street when we danced with no music but only our hearts thumping fast.
We fought a lot,but the very next day when we met at the same park,we kissed as if nothing ever happened.
The days flew by real quick and I had to return back to where I won’t be seeing his Beautiful Brown Eyes everyday nor get to play with his hair.
The last night,He took me to his favourite place in the deep forest,
covered my eyes and kept whispering in my ears how much i meant to him.
I saw the whole town glittering before my eyes that made my heart sink.
Reality Hit and I Realised,We Won’t be able to hold each other again.
I Jumped into his sturdy arms,his grip getting tighter every second,telling me to not to let go.
This Was The Time,I realised it wasn’t just a fling but what we had was truly real.
We Spent the whole night beneath the clear terrestrial sky,
snuggling into each other’s chest and promising to write each other everyday.
The Next Morning,We met but it wasn’t the same,he kissed me and let go of me at once.
That was the last time I Saw Him,I still crave his presence next to me,but for now He Exists Only In My Thoughts and Diary.
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