The Pudding Club

The Pudding Club

peace is all we want and welcome to pudding club


Cozied up in bed as the window’s stutter with gusty winds.
And My legs curl up to my chest like a baby in a womb.
I feel His Hands crawling down my waistline bringing me closer feeling his warmth down my spine.

The wind was riotous and I couldn’t hear myself think.
My Heartbeat was muffled but had a ounce of dancing slow to the rhythm of rain pouring.

I could feel the droplets hitting the small panoramic, barren arched window on the left side of our bed.
As I Turn To Snuggle up into his chiseled chest, I hear his deep smoky voice,

“Morning Sunshine!”

The voice I wish to hear for as long as i wake up each Morning.
The room was dimly lit but comfortable.
“Let’s Get Some Hot Chocolate and Cuddle and Watch Romcom’s  for the rest of the day!” .I sat up on the bed excitedly planning the entire day all by myself.

He looked at me like I was a Child who needed to be patted down but instead got up, giggled a little and said “Yes for the Hot chocolate and for the cuddling but A Big No For ’em  Romcom’s.”
I frowned a little and we finally agreed on Harry Potter.
I settled the lightweight lavender blanket and pillows, sprayed a little room freshener that made the room smell more woody and ambrosial.

He was in the kitchen probably experimenting with his cooking skills.
I went into the verandah , looked through the glass partition, to see invariable early morning torrential rain.
This, I decided, was the perfect hour, to tell him that I was finally in the Pudding club!
I hear him call my name and I gesture him to come outside.
I take the mugs from his hands, place them over the table and take him under the dull sky to dance in the rain. _Filthily_.
Letting The rain wash all the worries and reticence.
I ask him to close his eyes and let the drops touch his face, caressing it.
I take his hands into mine, swirl with him and dance for awhile.

This was the time, I keep his hands on my belly and look into his eyes.
My Eyes Shining and explaining everything.
I begin with, ” It’s Happening. We’re having a baby!”
He exclaims With Joy And Twirls me around.
‘You make me the Happiest!” he said.

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3 thoughts on “The Pudding Club

  1. Very nice feelings about morning ,showers & having a little softy baby.
    Feelings like real when I was reading the blog.
    Good Effort keep it up.

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