The Irreplaceable

  The Irreplaceable


friendship is the strongest and irreplaceable bond .

This tale is about two kids whose love was irreplaceable and never went down in dumps.

Playing on ground till having chocolate milkshakes in the evening together.

Nobody Could Keep Us Apart.
He Taught me how to do a single lunge in soccer and I taught him how to make bracelets and necklaces.
But Out Of The None, He Taught Me To Be Lionhearted and I taught him To be Selfless while giving love.
We walked to school together ringing doorbells on the way and then disappearing into the woods.
Nothing compared to when he defended me when those girls called me a bimbo.
I still remember him taking me to this place the day we fought for the very first time just because He didn’t Walk me to my home but rather went with his friends for trying the new game shop in the town.
We sat there for awhile and ate our favourite mac & cheese, staring at the beautiful crystal clouds with dashes of white.
Everything was Perfect and irreplaceable .
Since That day, The spot was my stress reliever.
I went there whenever I felt down in the dumps.
I still remember sitting underneath that tree at the backside of his house and doing our homeworks together.
Well, Most of it was done by me because He would just sit there and play his harmonica.
                                      Friendship is the 1st trust to a person do to the outsider.
Be God With me And Bless My ears is something I would pray all the time.
Getting drenched in the rain and running back from the Street 24 where we went to skateboard is my favourite one back from the memory lane.
From The Day One Till This Day,I never found someone like him and I wish not to. He Holds A Special Place and This little corner in my heart belongs to him. He was irreplaceable to me .
Wondering What Went Wrong?
At The Last Day Of Our School, When everybody was jumping around, making plans for summer. Here I was crying in the backyard of the school when I came to know That My Best Friend was leaving the town next morning.
I Knew He would be looking for me in every rim of the school. He came to me panting, slightly bent and kept hands on his knees and said, ” I’ve…been for you every…where. I thought…you went…home without me.” He waited for me to answer but as i began to speak my voice cracked and I started crying again.
He sat beside me and waited for me to stop. Didn’t utter a word, told me to get up and walked me home .The walk was so restrained. As We could see my house from distance, my heart started to beat fast. He broke the silence and said “Meet me at the rock tomorrow at 6 in the morning sharp.
” I nodded and went home. The day was one of the hell days.I couldn’t eat , couldn’t sleep. Flipping through the tv, my mother came and sat beside me and told not to waste this time rather to make him remember you for a lifetime.
I planned to pen down my feelings for him, drew a picture of Him and I sitting at the same rock . I set the alarm and the very next morning, I was as fresh as a daisy but my thoughts were killing me. As i reached up to the spot, I saw Him waiting for me holding a jar filled with colourful chits of paper.
We sat there for awhile promising to not to forget each other ever. At last, I handed what I had made for him. The smile on his face was priceless. But I told him to read it as he reaches where he is destined to go.
I stood there with my mother as the car approached. Saying our final goodbyes broke my heart. He leaned in and we touched our foreheads together. He whispered “Forever” and left.
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  1. I loved it,felt like everything was happening in front of me,amazing write up,why you guys don’t go for a open mic in jaipur ❤❤

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