Tell Them I Fought Till the end

Tell Them I Fought Till the end

Tell Them I Fought Till the end

 Tell Them

Tell Them I didn’t Give up.
Tell Them I still have their blessings warmed-up.
Tell Them I want them to sleep safe at night.
Tell Them I still remember the promises I made the last time.
Tell Them I miss them dearly.
Tell Them Their Papa will be home soon surely.
Tell Them My mind’s set.
Tell Them the fight isn’t over yet.

Tell Them I’m on the border in wintertide.
But My Will’s strong and I won’t let down the Country’s Pride.
Tell Them Eid’s coming soon and I won’t be able to come this year.
But Don’t you frown because we will be seeing the same moon light beaming on us one day without fear.
Tell Them I have their photographs and I look upon them daily.
Through them my Emotions come up flooding like a daylily.
But I put my boots back on because I know I cannot stop this early.
Tell Them I will fight till the end.

When it comes to my country, I can’t let death descend.
Tell Them I know it’s a little hard without me being there.
But it’s only for the sake of you and the countrymen.
Tell Them Don’t let those eyes pour down tears.
It’ll take time but I’ll reach up the stairs.
Tell Them I’m still there with them, in the thousand winds that blow.
I Am the diamond glints on the snow.

Tell Them it’s okay to miss me sometimes.
Wait until I come back and Spend days together like the old times.
Tell Them Nothing here feels like home.
I can go on about it in a single tome.
Tell Them Maybe it is destined to be.

Whether I come back or not, They need to know I didn’t let the rules set free.
Tell Them Keeping away from family is a price I pay for defending.
But the dreams I have are never ending.

Tell Them I have to Serve my country first and leave life behind.
I ought to sacrifice what comes first in a civilian’s mind.
Tell Them There are Many More like me who bleed and think the same like me.
Tell Them I got their letters.

And I will keep informing them about my betters.
Tell Them There’s a long way to go.
But I’m still the kind of beau once they knew.
Tell Them There’s so much to talk about.
From tea cups to day in day out.

Tell Them Once I come back I will give them all that they missed.
And If I don’t come back, put an end to the list.
Tell Them It Gets hard some days.
But then I remember their faces.
Tell Them To Keep Praying.
For once we can go for a-Maying.

I wish to Come to them, For this I hope the enemies overcome phlegm.
A Soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon – they say!

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3 thoughts on “Tell Them I Fought Till the end

  1. You have expressed imaginary of a Soldier who’s on border for the security of country & he is positive that he will be back to join his family for Eid festival celebrate, he is very firm about his victory.
    Good writing efforts.

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