All I ever wanted

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All I ever wanted It was a bright sunny day. Different from the other one’s. I believed. My hair were messed up and as I got up I Heard Dad Shouting ” It is getting difficult to Manage all of your expenses. Go Get Some money from your father’s home or else don’t come back.” […]

End of us & Living?

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This blog consits of two write ups End of us & Living ? .Sometimes Love is Not about how you always imagine it to be! The Start And The Endings Always Differ..End Of Us could depict the same. And Have you imagined your life after eloping?Let’s make you wonder about the Life you might live […]

The Relentless love

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The relentless love So,We Met When We Were Only 16. But had planned everything about what’s going to happen next. You Took Me for Cinema,took me for roller coaster rides that I was always afraid of. But,with you holding my hand Everything Seems so perfect,so easy. “I Would never let go of your hand” is […]

The Pudding Club

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The Pudding Club   Cozied up in bed as the window’s stutter with gusty winds. And My legs curl up to my chest like a baby in a womb. I feel His Hands crawling down my waistline bringing me closer feeling his warmth down my spine. The wind was riotous and I couldn’t hear myself […]


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This Blog Consists of Two Write-ups. One where you get to experience emotions that stick with you endlessly.Like The Endless Roads. And One Where We tend to find joy in growing up into an Adult with Responsibilities and love for the wooden floor. Drum roll and Cheers To Growing Up! THE ENDLESS ROADS Walking On […]

What is sukoon for you?

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What Is Sukoon For You? Is It having to play with a kid for uncountable hours and have a hearty laugh? Or Is It to have a vacay far far away? Is it laying down underneath the starry sky holding hands with the one you love? Or Is It to sneak Ice-cream out of the […]