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You are not alone : Love yourself

You are not alone : Love yourself

You are not alone : Love yourself

You think You’re Alone,
But You really Aren’t!
All The Overthinking that you do,
I get it.

You keep thinking about what they did to you,
You don’t need to question yourself.
You’re AMAZING just the way you are.
Please Don’t Doubt Your Kindness and Your Esteem.
It is what makes you YOU!

I’m Proud to see you this Strong.
You’ve Been through alot and You need to know That I appreciate you still holdin’ on. Just Not Me But Everyone.
Stop looking for the bad in good.
You don’t need to dull that smile just because you think Being Too Happy will bring you sadness tomorrow.
You’re Destined to Be Happy!

Put That Smile Right back on and Conquer what is yours.
Don’t Change yourself for people who wouldn’t care less about it.
I know It’s Not easy.
But You Gotta Try!

Try, Try and Try Till You Bring that Enthusiasm And Positivity Back on!
Because I believe in you.
Get up, Dress up and Do what you’ve always loved to.
Baking? Put those gloves on.

Singing? Let me bring the Mic for you.
Dancing? Let’s put on your favourite track.
Just don’t sit back and think about what happened in the past.
You’re much more than that.

I’ve seen you crying at night.
Saw you restless in the morning.
That’s not who I’ve known.                                                                                                                                                                   

 You matter!


You are not alone : Love yourself

Your Mental Health Matters.
Your Happiness Matters.
You need to know there are people who still love, respect and so want to be like you.
Forget those who have hurt you.
Remember those who have been there for you.

I know you find ways and people to make yourself feel better.
But in context, You’re All That you need.
Start Talking Good to yourself.
Spare some time and Admire Yourself.
In any despair, you look for people to have your back.

But All You need is You to talk to.
Talk To Your heart.
Nobody Can Hurt you.
It’s You who hurts yourself.
This too shall Pass Remember this Always.

And When This Passes, You’ll see the difference between the old and the Majestic New You!
Don’t Change for anyone but change for good!
So When The Bad times come again, You Know How to put up with it and Handle the one’s around you.
I know You fight everyday but try your best to love your life anyway.
Please Don’t ever give up.

I know You’re sometimes afraid of the shadows of your mind.
You want to scream out loud.
But Listen to me, Wipe away those tears.
Look Yourself in the mirror and Smile.
Breathe for me.
This pain won’t stay too long.
Give me Your Hand and Let’s Get Through This Together.

(P.s. Any of Our viewer who needs our help during this difficult time. We’re here to listen. Listen To What is going on in your head. Talk about it. Don’t Let the pain dwell on you. We Might Help You Get Through it. Contact Us . You can mail us yours      ~ V&M. )

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