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J.K.Rowling – the author of Harry Potter

Hello readers , this is the 2nd  episode of our trivia and today’s author is J.K.Rowling she is the famous writer of Harry Potter series.


jk rowling

Full name of J.K.Rowling is Joanne Rowling .

She was born in 31st July 1965 in  Yate, Gloucestershire .

Rowling is a British author, screenwriter, producer and philanthropist .

She was married to Jorge Arantes in 16 October, 1992  in Portugal and separated on 17 November 1993 after the birth of their child .

Rowling is best known for writing Harry potter fantasy series, and sold 500 million copies. These stories were later released as movies and they were big hits.

She also writes crime fiction under the pen name Robert Galbraith , at her 1st novel as this pseudonym  this novel was not very liked by readers and thus returned by booksellers to publishers but as soon as this news breakout that Robert Galbraith is none other than J.K.Rowling this book was overnight famous.

Some of her famous novels and those are published as movies or tv series :

Harry potter series, Fantastic beasts series , ickabog, cormoran strikes (under the name of Robert Galbraith)

Financial success

In 2004 she was recognized as 1st billionaire by writing books by Forbes but Rowling made a statement that “she has plenty of money but she is not a billionaire” 

In 2012 Forbes removed her name as they stated that due to her $160 million charity and her high tax rate she is no more a billionaire .

Rowling was recognized as highest paid author in the world in 2017 by Forbes.

Re Marriage

On 26 December 2001, Rowling married a Scottish doctor named Neil murray .

Idea for Harry Potter

harry potter

She got the idea of harry potter while on delayed train from Manchester to London in 1990.

After she had reached her  flat, she began to write immediately.

Rowling never told her mother that she is writing Harry potter after her death she channelised her pain and her own feelings of loss as a loss of harry potter  in her 1st book.

In 1995,  she completed the manuscript of harry potter and the philosopher’s stone.

Fun fact – Rowling’s parents met on a train from King’s Cross Station and here is the reason  Rowling used King’s Cross as a gateway into the Wizarding World.

Seven years after completing graduation Rowling think of herself as a complete failure as she was jobless , with a divorced child ,  dependent , but she described her failure as liberating and allowing her to focus on writing.

In 2011 Rowling announced that all harry potter future projects will be co-centered in a website pottermore

Fun fact –  During  that time she was diagnosed with clinical depression and contemplated suicide.her illness inspired the characters known as Dementors (soul sucking creatures introduced in 3rd book )

Fun fact – Rowling mostly writes on cafes because, she takes her baby out for a walk and it was the best way to make her baby fall asleep.

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In October 2010 she was referred as the most influential woman of Britain .

Rowling has supported multiple charities, including Comic ReliefOne Parent Families, and Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain, as well as launching her own charity, Lumos.


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