The lost Dog – Google

The lost dog : Google

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Nothing Could keep us apart.
Cuddling at midnight till Watching Disney Movies sharing popcorn.
We went together on walks in the evening, chasing each other till we fell on the ground.
We Really Couldn’t Keep Apart.
As He Was More of a best friend than a pet to me.
My a little mischievous but brave Google !

That is what I named him back then.
The name was weird but so were we!
I was gifted Google On my 21st Birthday by Maa And Papa.
Since then He has been there with me from chewing my favourite Shoes to Breaking the extravagant Vase.
As soon as I would reach home from work, I knew he will be there wagging his tail, hearing his woof-woof from the corner-behind as If He had full of the joys of Spring.

Wet Kisses, handshakes and treats, felt like this is what we waited for the whole day.
One fine evening, I got a call from a friend telling me about the plans for a trip to Mcleodganj.
I was Bouncing off the walls.
I haven’t Been on a trip for years and I so wanted a break from work.
But the question was Where to drop Google?

I looked over and saw him playing with his favourite rubber bone.
There was a week and I had to think of a way.
Asked some of the colleagues, friends and family, Everybody Had Their Own Reason not to keep a dog.
From Being Allergic to Not Having sufficient space.
And in the end, I decided to take him with me.
I was happy but scared.


I didn’t know how it’ll go but I was sure

We were going to Have Lots of Fun with him being around.
I Packed his food, treats and toys to make him feel at home.
Next day, Everybody was surprised.
I gave them a quirky smile and made him sit next to me in the car.
The ride was taken care of and was hilarious.

Google had fun annoying All of my friends with his barking at each car that went past us and licking their faces.
As We Reached our destination, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
It was majestic. I could see the clouds and mountains right in front now closer and clearer.
The Hills Looked as if they were wooded snow covered.
We settled the luggages in the guest house, ate maggi and talked for a little while before dozing off.
I had google sleep with me.

He was tired too.
Next Morning, We were woken up by google’s squeal.
I put on his leash and took him out so nobody gets disturbed.
Seeing the Serene Morning dew made us want to go explore into the mountains a little bit.
It was foggy and delightful to just walk and breathe in fresh air.
Google was being impatient and wanted to run, explore more.
I wasn’t sure at first but then I thought otherwise.


He is smart, he will come back to me at once.

He was already jumping and getting out of hand.
I took out his leash and he ran.
My blood ran cold for a second there.
I called out his name and he stopped.
He came running back to me , with a wooden stick in his mouth.

Google wanted to play with me.
He looked so beautiful with his golden fur shining bright and his ears flapping when he ran.
I climbed a little and threw the stick with a little force.
I did not know where it went but I trusted google.
He would get it back. I assured myself.
He went out of my sight in no time.

I looked around and saw silent and problematical surroundings.
Got scared and went a little further to look for him.
I saw the stick on the ground but couldn’t see him.
I called out his name several times but couldn’t hear anything else rather than the birds chirping.
It made me tear up a bit. I couldn’t lose him.
He was all that I was ever left with.

There were too many thoughts in my mind whirling up, shaking me to the core.
What if He gets lost and cannot find his way back?
My voice cracked and I started panicking.
I looked for an hour before going back to my friends to seek help.
There was nothing that I could do.
I thought I lost him forever.

The tears in my eyes wouldn’t stop and I could not help but blame myself.
We went out looking for him in all the directions.
Where could he possibly be?
I thought to myself.
Why will he run away ?
Hours went by, I did not feel hungry or thirsty. I just wanted him to come back to me.
The memories of him played in my mind like a song.

Him being a puppy, sleeping all the time, biting our hands, getting tired after playing for like 10 minutes, getting vaccinated, growing up, chewing on stuff, doing mischiefs, making me angry then winning me over with his cuteness.
All of it.
It just went on.
It was getting dark, fog was drifting in.
Till now I couldn’t Hear any faint tinkling of the tag against his collar.
And It turned out, He lost his way back.
It was decided to go back and rest.

Everybody was tired but I was in pain.
I did not eat rather went to my room.
I scrolled through his pictures on my phone.
Giving a bath to him, giving him treats and taking him to the park.
I couldn’t stop crying.

Now there would be no one on whom I would ease my hip when I turned over.
This will be haunting me for years, I thought to myself.
It was late in the night when I dozed off.
I was tired and hurt.

For When I hear a indistinct barking, I thought it is just my mind playing tricks on me.
It can’t be Google.
As the whining got clearer, I opened my eyes and Went to the window.
It was 6 in the morning and it was still hazy.
I woke up everyone and went out to see Google running towards me with something in his mouth.
I ran towards him and fell on my knees.

Tears started to roll up in my eyes as I saw him.
Seeing him again and holding him in my arms gave me the biggest pleasure of my life.
He kept swaying his tail as if He wanted to tell me he missed me back.
As i took his face in my hands, I saw the same stick from yesterday.
He dropped the stick on my lap and started licking my face.
I hugged him and Whispered “Never Leave me Again Please!”


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