This Blog Consists of Two Write-ups. One where you get to experience emotions that stick with you endlessly.Like The Endless Roads. And One Where We tend to find joy in growing up into an Adult with Responsibilities and love for the wooden floor. Drum roll and Cheers To Growing Up!


Hagon tree

Walking On The Autumn leaves with no one around.
My head in the clouds and gaze on the ground.
The Sound of my heartbeat and your voice playing like a romantic conceit.
I can’t help mumbling love songs with the idea of you being in my arms..
Took Another round and found myself dumbfound , As I Saw you underneath the Higon Cherry.
The Scene being too hard to believe, I ask you to pinch me on my cheeks.
You giggle as your hands reach up my forearm, pulling me closer and you kiss me on my forehead.
My mind says no but my heart says yes and as I lean to kiss you, in the blink of an eye you disappear into the wilderness.

the endless roads


cheers to growing up

With The Window’s down and Music playing, I felt little droplets on my nose.
It was ticklish and it made my heart come up smelling like a Rose.
With The Scenic beauty and the sound of pouring rain,

I decided to close my eyes and Stroll down the memory lane.
With Sparkly eyes and Hair all wet,

I Still remember dancing in the rain with no fear left.
With Getting drenched and having a cup of coffee afterwards to sitting behind the walls,

Where did it end?
With the wind howling And Trees Frightened,

I decide to go out.
As I Open The main door, I Feel the rain and a thought strikes up my horror.
I suddenly shut the door and realize “What Adulthood Is Caked Up for”


Hope you like the above write ups  endless roads & Cheers to growing up .

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