End of us & Living?

This blog consits of two write ups End of us & Living ? .Sometimes Love is Not about how you always imagine it to be! The Start And The Endings Always Differ..End Of Us could depict the same. And Have you imagined your life after eloping?Let’s make you wonder about the Life you might live and Put a smile on that face!

End of us

End of us & living?

I caught You falling, slipping, cheating.
You were a broken soul whereas I Had My Eyes set.
Your Face was beyond pale and My Laugh could conquer hearts.
I met you at your worst but expected the best.
Took you for late night drives with your playlist buzzin’.
My Favorites never bothered you. Did They?
Stuck to you till the end but you told people how Toxic I was from the start.
Would You care if i wanted to make things right or would you consider me dead to you?
Had It all planned, the nicknames, the adventures and the trips.
Never got to the real stuff and lost the end of the string.
Good-bye’s are meant to be.

Living ?

End of us & living?

Let’s Have It All.
The Beachfront House with no banging of doors to prove a point.
Fancy furniture with us watching Netflix late at night.
Curtains That are faintly scintillating and owning a dog we loved at our first sight.
Having Breakfast At 12 and washing dishes that ends up in a water fight.
A Porch that is flamboyant western where we click most of our family pictures and you lying on my lap, burying your face in my thigh worried about ’em Electricity bill, doctor’s appointment and the broken tap.
Buying Expensive Crockery and later hiding it before you get home ASAP.
Like Old lovers we talked through skin,
Putting ghee on chapati like our mothers always did.
Humming Old School songs together and discussing office work at dinner.
Let’s Have It Together.
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