As I Take a puff,
Sitting on the terrace, thinking of all the decisions that I made wrong, Taking this job topped the list.
Under the velvety stormy night sky, I could feel the agony all around.

The open french window across, showed me a woman tired of her drunken husband.
I could hear loud whimpering from the widow’s house right behind.
A fellow on the street screaming on his phone.

And then there was me, tired of the work I never wished to act upon.
I always wanted to be an Artist.
An artist who loved what he did.
But Nevertheless, I ended up making big bucks and left those dreams far behind.
The Job rather made me The Hack and got me to do stuff I never imagined I could do.

As Years flew by, I had no choice but to earn my daily bread and forget the rest.
Weekend’s were for having a wild time and Going to Clubs.

From Being the Ideal Acquaintance to Wanting to Quit and Start a New Journey made me furrow my brows for a little while before coming up with a plan.
Vacation. That is what I needed To Think out my life.

My Heart exploded with thunders of Happiness as i felt crisp air, with a can of mild long lasting beer in one hand and my eyes on the slow chaotic waves.
On my way back to the Hotel, I saw a lady who was somewhere near her fifty’s.
Almost well-dressed, wrinkled and red-cheeked.

She had Some Paintings Hanging on a fence, that were extremely lively as if they portrayed her life.

I couldn’t keep in the curiosity and went to have a closer look.
As She saw me coming, I was greeted with a nice big smile.

I wandered taking a look at each detail of the paintings and said, ” It’s As If You speak through your art and It’s Incredible.”
She nodded and continued, ” It happens only when you love what you do.”
That fell right in the place.

I bought one of her paintings that had a woman coming out of the sea with interesting stochastic view.
I had a handful of days to spare and to think.
And that is exactly what I Did.

To Make a decision that could affect my whole life was not easy but to Make myself happy as well as content was definitely beyond shadow of a doubt.
I knew I had to take in all the criticism, negativity and demotivation.

But That Wouldn’t Stop Me from doing something finally for MYSELF.
I got up, cleared my desk, said my final goodbye and left.
Left for a better life.
Left for a better self.

I established my own Drama School.
That was a dream come true for me.
I ,honestly, did not know if this could work or not but teaching even a few brought me happiness.
Over the time, it started to grow bigger.
I was recognized.

People Loved my work.
And how could i forget, At the end of my each play, I had everybody say


The clapping of the hands was ear candy to me!

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