At peace

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P.S.- Listen to this song while reading this blog At peace to have an amazing reading. At peace As I Lay There peacefully, Nobody trying to prove me wrong, absolutely no one making me regret all the decisions I made for my own goodwill. Then and There I Realise how peaceful is to lay there […]

You are not alone : Love yourself

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You are not alone : Love yourself You think You’re Alone, But You really Aren’t!All The Overthinking that you do,I get it. You keep thinking about what they did to you,You don’t need to question yourself.You’re AMAZING just the way you are.Please Don’t Doubt Your Kindness and Your Esteem.It is what makes you YOU! I’m […]

The lost Dog – Google

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The lost dog : Google P.S. – Play this song while reading. Nothing Could keep us apart. Cuddling at midnight till Watching Disney Movies sharing popcorn. We went together on walks in the evening, chasing each other till we fell on the ground. We Really Couldn’t Keep Apart. As He Was More of a best […]


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We have started a new trivia series in which we will tell you about many famous authors so today’s author is R.L.Stine  R.L.Stine R.L.Stine (Robert Lawrence Stine ) was born in 8TH October ,1943 . He is an American novelist . His pen names are Jovial Bob Stine & Eric Affabee. He is a novelist, […]


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Decision As I Take a puff, Sitting on the terrace, thinking of all the decisions that I made wrong, Taking this job topped the list. Under the velvety stormy night sky, I could feel the agony all around. The open french window across, showed me a woman tired of her drunken husband. I could hear […]

All I ever wanted

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All I ever wanted It was a bright sunny day. Different from the other one’s. I believed. My hair were messed up and as I got up I Heard Dad Shouting ” It is getting difficult to Manage all of your expenses. Go Get Some money from your father’s home or else don’t come back.” […]