Belle of the ball

Belle of the ball

What Can you do for love?
Travel spaces? Spend Billions? Kill Somebody?
Yes, Can You Kill Somebody For Love?
Let’s Find out How The Belle of the ball Turned out to be rotting in the prison after she killed the woman who has been sleeping with her husband behind her back!
See how Belle of the ball kills a woman
We Watched Her Grow.

From A Garrulous Kid Who Always Liked Being The Honeypot,

To Being More Reticent.

Who Wouldn’t Envy Her?

Her Hair Cascading Down Her Back Crowning Her Glory, Her Eyes Having The Perfect Gleam Of Pale Grey And Her Pretty Little Nose Being Elegantly Straight Adding To The Charms Of Her Beauty.

Despite Of What Everybody Saw In Her, She Was Much More Than The Belle Of The Ball.

Had The Purest Of Soul And An Incisive Mind.

Along The Way, She Was Loved And Sometimes Grieved.

Of How Noticeable She Was Out Of Everyone, She Knew How To Own Her Territory.

To Woo Her, It Was Decided To Play A Fair Game Of Combat.

The Males Stretched Their Back, Greased Their Swords And Were Ready To Slit Each Other’s Throat.

After Each Tear , There Stacked A Bunch Of Corpse.

In The End, There Came Out To Be Only One.

Isn’t That How It Is For All Of Us?

There’s Only One Person We Get Addicted To Like A Drug And Long For A Lifetime.

Yes, Longing For A Person You Know Can Never Be Yours Wholly.

Life Passed So Fast That All She Was Left Was With Hair That Looked Like A Web Of Silver Yarn, Her Face Full Of Wrinkles And Her Faint Smell Of Lavender Perfume Made Anyone Close To Her Feel At Home.

With Her Voice Hoarse And Given A Mere Glass Partition, She Begins To Speak To Her Grand-children,

“oh My Bellezas,

My Heart Adores Each One Of You, With Haste I Want You To Build Yourself Up Not Only Into A Person Who Looks Breathtaking But Makes Others Feel Alluring.

Don’t Ever Let Anybody’s Cruel Intentions Bring Down The Kindness You’ve Instilled In Yourself. Have Faith And Always Remember Beauty Fades With Time But Character Is What You Get To Live With. Be Kind. “

And With This She Says Goodbye And Is Helped By A Colonel To Get Back To Her Prison Cell.

Too Curious, He Couldn’t Stop Himself From Asking,” How Did You Manage To Kill A Woman Even When You’re Blind? And Thrive Your Grand-children To Be Exactly Opposite Of Who You Are.”

With A Wicked Grin, She Begins To Answer “ That Is What Love Does To People, Dear.”

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