At peace

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At peace

At peace

As I Lay There peacefully,
Nobody trying to prove me wrong, absolutely no one making me regret all the decisions I made for my own goodwill.

Then and There I Realise how peaceful is to lay there silently with people who once put you down, praise the lifetime you lived.
My heart doesn’t beat anymore and That made them wanna relive the moments spent with me.

Who once made fun of my living.
How, I think, How Can people make one feel like that?
When I feel Afterlife is so much better than living in real.
No Grudges. No Backstabbing.

The frown got me nothing but satisfaction.
Satisfaction of Not Being Their Pawn Anymore.
But This cycle of life wouldn’t stop.
They will have someone else to make them go all around the circles.

They shed tears, Because I am gone.
But I smile because I am at a better place.
I will leave echoes of my voice down the hall, of the laughing days and bright sunny one’s so that they crave for me more.
I wish for no rites in this gloom filled room as I am free.

My Soul is free.
For This Is The master plan.
For me to finally be at home.
I am not gone, for me The Journey has just begun.

I am at rest from all the sorrows and tears.
This place is so much more comforting and warm.
How I wished to live like this my whole life?
And Here I am Living it after I’m dead?
For them I am the same.
For Me I moved on.

Whatever we were, We still are the same.
You can still call me by my name and think of me but I don’t need the forced air of solemnity around.
Because I’m at peace.
Only If You could see me this serene.
Live The dream. You must carry own.
And as you wake up you’ll find me right by your side, As If I never died.

I’ll take your hand and Love you again.

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3 thoughts on “At peace

  1. Idk after reading it i felt an unknown feeling , a feeling of relief with a bit of acceptance .
    Btw beautifully penned ❤️

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