All I ever wanted

All I ever wanted
All i ever wanted
It was a bright sunny day.
Different from the other one’s.
I believed.
My hair were messed up and as I got up I Heard Dad Shouting ” It is getting difficult to Manage all of your expenses. Go Get Some money from your father’s home or else don’t come back.”
With this he storms off out, banging the door behind.
I suck up all the courage in me and go out to see maa sobbing in the kitchen, cutting veggies and preparing curry for the lunch.
As she saw me from the corner, She hesitates and wipes off her secret muffled tears.
“You’re Awake! Freshen up quickly, I’ll make you some breakfast.” She says with a faint smile.
I couldn’t find the words to console her as this has been the routine for a few years now.
Who knew, The couple who would never swear upon each other’s love will end up finding reasons to stay together for just a bit longer.
Since Dad Lost His Partnership, it had been difficult for us to even survive.
Our Family was well off once and Lived in a Mansion but for now we had no other choice but to live in an 550 square feet Apartment.
I took a quick bath and
Made up my mind.
I went to maa,
touched her feet and told her I’ll Be Back in some time.
I knew I had to do something.
I couldn’t sit back and wait for a miracle to happen overnight.
I had to leave high school mid-term because of the loss.
I had a friend whose brother worked in a town nearby,
asked him to take me to his firm for a job so that i could earn a penny.
At the end of the day, I got a job that could bring a little smile on their faces.

I knocked on the door.

I got worried. Maa Doesn’t take so long.
I kept banging on the door. The Neighbours came out.
The Spare key was brought and the door was opened.
Nobody knew what went in my heart and mind.
I clenched my fist tight and Went Inside hurriedly.
I kept calling ” Maa…Maa…..”
My heart sank and I fell on my knees as I saw her lying on the floor unconscious.broken.tired.
She Left us.
But Out of the None She Left me.
As the days went by, Life started to be running at it’s pace for everyone. But Not Me.
I could see her everywhere.
In The Kitchen.
In The Living room.
I could feel her presence right beside me and this somehow gave me strength to carry on.
I didn’t know If I could fit in the job but I knew I had to try.
Try For her.
As on My First Day, I wasn’t welcomed as I expected it to be.
I worked all day, all night without considering the rest.
Some days were down in the dumps but I put on my best face and made it till the end.
Over the years, I earned a lump sum amount of money, had a respectable job and friends to die for.
But Not Maa.
Her not being present in every step of my success, would make me feel weak in the knees.
She was the sole reason why I ended up here and making her happy was my only goal.

But,”Life goes on” is what I learnt.

And I hope She looks upon me and This puts up a 100 watt Smile on her face.
That was I Ever Wanted…
That was all I ever wanted.
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